With the rise in income levels and increased awareness about health issues, more and more families are opting for Residential Pest control. Besides the common pests like cockroaches, termites and rats, many house owners are requesting for treatment for pests like mosquitoes, lizards, spiders, and niche services like bird control and snake control. Spahi, rated as one of the Best pest Control Companies takes great care in offering customized solutions using chemicals that do not affect humans and application methods, which do not damage walls, furniture etc.

With ever-growing high-rise and large-scale apartment complexes and gated communities appearing in the cities and suburbs, Spahi has addressed the residential pest control needs of leading luxury and semi-luxury apartments by offering unique tailor-made general pest management and comprehensive control solutions, including common areas as well as the individual apartments. What is interesting is that most of our clients with annual contracts have extended the contract repeatedly year after year, which reflects the trust in our quality and reliability, thus making us the best pest control company.

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