Jhaver Group

The Jhaver Group of companies was started by R. Srikrishna Jhaver, in 1894 as a trading and distribution company. Over the last 100 years, constant innovation and expansion have seen this group prosper and diversify in the fields of drugs, pharmaceuticals, agro chemicals, zippers, textile chemicals, coated fabrics, pesticides formulations and information technology.

The hallmark of this diversified group is a firm commitment to quality and customer service, factors that give the Jhaver Group the strength to face the future with confidence.

The Jhaver Group is today a highly respected business group, and has emerged as one of the fastest growing innovators in South India.

The group today employs over 7500 people across a wide variety of skills, including engineers, doctors, technologists, business majors etc. With over 60 locations in India and 4 international locations, we have a strong distribution and marketing base.

The Group’s corporate headquarters is located in Chennai, India. Earlier known as Madras, Chennai is one of the largest cities in India, with a population of over 6 Million. It has the best infrastructure and highest density of skilled workmen and engineers in India.

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