Infestation by pests in cooking and dining areas compromise the health of employees/residents/guests in many ways. Cockroaches contaminate food, posing a potential health risk to humans. Dysentery, diphtheria, typhoid, hepatitis, food poisoning and gastroenteritis are the upshots of this threat.

Similarly rats can damage electrical and electronic equipment. Expensive woodwork is at risk by termite attacks, which can also destroy valuable documents and records.Among all the pests mosquitoes spreads the most diseases, which include: Malaria, Dengue, chikungunya etc.

Presence of pests in a commercial establishment creates a poor impression among the clientele regarding the upkeep of the establishment and may act as a deterrent for health conscious customers.

Spahi takes great care in offering customised solutions using chemicals that are approved by international agencies and do not affect humans.

Spahi uses chemicals that are harmless as well as mostly odourless. So there is no need to vacate the premises while doing pest control

Since Spahi uses only chemicals approved for Public health use and which are non-toxic, there is no problem in cooking even while the pest control is being done. However it would be advisable to keep foodstuff covered as a matter of abundant precaution.

AMC stands for annual maintenance contract. AMC customer signs a contract for a specified period usually one year or two years. During this period Spahi technicians will visit as per the schedule mentioned in the contract and carry out the service for the pests covered under the contract. The frequency of service varies with the type of pest as well as the nature of the establishment (residential, corporate or commercial)

If the customer signs for AMC, there are many advantages.

a) Regular service ensures pest free environment thus eliminating health risks

b) There is no need to keep track of due dates since Spahi person will call you to fix up the schedule on the due dates

c) During the AMC period Spahi offers warranty which means that in the unlikely case of re-appearance of pest, additional service will be given free of cost

Each pest has its own breeding cycle and the frequency of the service has to be adjusted accordingly.

Secondly pests like bugs, cockroaches etc. come into the premises through cartons, bags and other items brought from outside. Periodic pest control ensures such pests are removed.

Also chemicals used in pest control have effect for a certain period after which fresh application is necessary to prevent fresh infestation by pests.

The frequency of service will depend on the type of pest. For example mosquito control for external areas may have to be done once or twice a week whereas rat control may be once in a fortnight. Also premises like restaurants require service more often as compared to office or residence.

Organic pest control involves using natural products for pest control and does not use any synthetic chemicals .It is harmless to humans and safe to use. Common natural products are Neem Oil, lemongrass, citronella oil etc. It may be somewhat more expensive compared to normal chemical pest control.

Spahi has a range of Organic pest control products for controlling pests like cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes and rats.

Normally the spraying will not stain the walls. However in some cases where some special paints have been used on the walls, it is possible that some marks may be seen. To avoid such situations, the technician will always test in some small area and only if it is not staining he will proceed with the treatment.

No, it is not required to close the doors and windows.

While doing service indoors, mostly odorless chemicals are used

However in some cases where water based chemicals cannot be used like furniture, electrical points etc. oil based mixture will be used which will have slight odour for some time.

Spahi offers warranty on all AMC services and termite treatment. The warranty period and nature of warranty will depend on the nature of service doneWhich are the pests for which you offer pest control?

Spahi offers pest control services covering the entire gamut of pests from cockroaches, ants, spiders, rats, snakes, pigeons, bees, wasps, centipedes, silverfish, bedbugs, mosquitoes, flies, termites, woodborer, lizards, and others

Usually, our marketing person will visit the site to assess the area to be covered and the extent of pest infestation. Based on the inspection, he will give an estimate of the charges. Once the client approves it, service will be done at the site.

No. Spahi does not charge for the inspection.

By and large no precautions are required except to keep the foodstuff covered.

The rat should be put in a paper cover and buried underground.

There are many such products available in the market but they are not very effective in the long run. Once the pest gets accustomed to the frequency, it is no longer a deterrent for the pest. Further the range of these gadgets is very limited and not useful for large areas. The only effective solution is to get proper pest control service done on a regular basis.

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