Company Profile

Welcome to SPAHI PROJECTS PRIVATE LIMITED, a comprehensive pest management company that works with the motto – “PESTS MUST GO”.

The name is derived from the word ‘SPAHI’, which means an ARMY (protecting against enemy attacks). Similarly, SPAHI protects against attacks by pests, wherever they may be.

SPAHI is govt. approved authorised pest control service provider. Manned by experts with more than 15 years experience in pest control, SPAHI provides services as per international standards through efficient and well-trained technicians. We use technologies and chemicals which are as per the standards prescribed by WHO for Public Health. Spahi has been in the forefront in bringing the latest innovations in pest control to the Indian market. Our products and services are designed to have minimum effect on humans but maximum and long lasting effect on pests.

SPAHI offers general pest management solutions for each and every pest, which can infest residence, office, factory, warehouse, restaurant, hotel, or any other establishment. This ensures clean and hygienic environment and prevents spreading of diseases like Typhoid, Malaria, and Leptospirosis.

What sets Spahi apart from others is the training given to the technicians, which enables them to use correct dosage of the appropriate chemical depending on the type of pest and the extent of infestation. They are also trained to look for uncommon spots where pests can hide which may not be apparent to most.

We also encourage / advice clients to get pest control service done regularly to prevent pest attacks rather than getting emergency service done after the pests have arrived. This is reflected in the list of clientele, wherein most of them are on long-term contracts and enjoy peace of mind without having to worry about infestation by pests. It goes without saying that opting for cheaper but poor quality of work makes it a costlier affair in the long term.

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